reincarnation of a multi talented artist

As a world accomplished comedienne and writer and actor, I appreciate that one must always prove oneself over and over throughout one’s career; and that one never knows where the journey might lead to next. But right now, I am wrestling with the challenges of being void of income and needing to make use, relearn or reapply, in practical terms, my many talents. And get results: read: money.

I am reminded I heard when I was young, of a story about Bette Davis, who, at the age of 50, put an ad in a theatrical newspaper for employment. She was middle aged and out of work. She wrote “Academy Award winning actress needs work.” ¬†It helped someone think of her. She got a job in a film and we are left with ¬†Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? There are consequences to using “older” females. One gets wisdom, experience, glee (as they love to work) and depth. Despite this, the modern world continues to reduce our participation and presence. Why? Women buy the theatre tickets, make up a huge percentage of the audience, but the entertainment industry is caters to a monied, juvenile male brain that has more cash than taste. That’s where all the big bucks are. So far, I have travelled the world writing about women and for women. And been bloody lucky to do so. I know I should keep going, but I am lacking in impetus right now.

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